The human body is a work of art and athleticism is its expression. Applied Athletics is strongly rooted in the belief that true human performance is holistic, all encompassing. The coach bears the heavy burden of teaching discipline in health; and mastery of coaching is achieved over years of dedication to the practice of helping others get better. It is our intent that coaches be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to serve as guides on this journey of human performance.


The wellness industry is poised to become a 4.2 trillion dollar one. All over the world, gyms, hospitals, schools, sports clubs have one thing in common: they all need good coaches. There are many who would prefer to have a professional guide them at home. The Applied Athletics goal is quite simple- to empower exercise professionals with the appropriate principles and practical exposure to help bring about this revolution in health and fitness.


We believe that the right teachers help create the best coaches. The Applied Athletics approach is one that combines the art and science of good teaching through a system of in-class evidence-based learning and on the field training. It is paramount that the coach understands what the client or athlete feels, envision what the client’s true potential is and deliver measurable, goal-based outcomes. In order to do this, aspiring coaches are groomed through a rigorous, quantified process of teaching.